Mayor and Council


Mayor Hans Schneider has served as mayor since January 1, 2016 and is currently in his second term.  He has been a resident of Wellington for over four decades, with the exception of serving the country in the Air Force.  Prior to entering office as Mayor, Mr. Schneider served 14 years as a member of village council.

Mayor Schneider is a 1986 graduate of Wellington Exempted Village Schools and is currently employed as a facility administrator for DaVita in downtown Akron.  He and his wife Wendy have four children and reside in the Parkside Reserve neighborhood of Wellington.

As Mayor, Mr. Schneider maintains an office in the third floor of the Wellington Town Hall. He is available by appointment. He also holds a monthly Coffee with the Mayor on the last Saturday of the month at Bread & Brew. Follow his Facebook page for village news and information.

He may also be contacted at:

Office: 440-647-1539
Cell: 440-935-4733

There are six council members elected on an at-large basis of staggered four year terms. The Village Council is the legislative body of the Village providing policy guidance to the Mayor and other officials. The Council also reviews and monitors the budget and expenditures of the Village.

Currently, the Village Council meets the first and third Mondays of the month, with committee meetings scheduled before and after the meeting. Residents are welcome at these meetings to provide input and ask questions.

Current Council members are Gene Hartman, (President), Guy E. Wells, Helen Dronsfield, Keith Rowland, Mark Bughman and Gary Feron. Our Council members draw upon a variety of private and public experience to assist the Village in developing policy and operating efficiently.

Helen Dronsfield, term ending 12/31/2022
Tom Cleary, term ending 12/31/2025
Bill Neff, term ending 12/31/2025

Zoning Board of Appeals
Patti Young, term ending 12/31/2025
Terry Mazzone, term ending 12/21/2026

Committee and Board Appointments
Utility (Chair) Rowland, Hartman, Bughman
Public Works (Chair) Dronsfield, Bughman, Feron
Police (Chair) Wells, Hartman, Dronsfield
Finance (Chair) Hartman, Wells, Rowland
Ordinance (Chair) Bughman, Wells, Feron
Personnel (Chair) Rowland, Hartman, Dronsfield
Cemetery Helen Dronsfield alt. Mark Bughman
Community Improvement Corp. Keith Rowland
Main Street Wellington Mark Bughman alt. Guy Wells
Fire Board Gene Hartman alt. Keith Rowland
Zoning Inspector Gerald Fishbaugh
VPODB Hans Schneider, Vanya Pfeiffer, Robert Aviles, Adam Smosney
(Volunteer Police Officer Dependent Board)