Herrick Library

Herrick Memorial Library

Wellington’s first library dates back more than 150 years. It was said to be housed in the second floor of a general store and was comprised of a few drawers in a desk. Mrs. W. B. Vischer wrote of this first library in her 1922 publication “History of Wellington”: “There was no librarian, no fee, no record, no fines, no time limit. All you had to do was go to the store, open the drawers, help your self and bring back the book when the spirit moved you”.
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A grant in 1902 from Governor-elect Myron T. Herrick in the amount of $20,000 served as the funds needed for the building that currently houses the library on the square. Herrick subsequently bequeathed $70,000 for an addition. Others have granted funds both large and small to this asset and source of pride to Wellington. The library continues to enjoy the support of the public and a special group, The Friends of the Herrick Memorial Library.

Currently, the library offers in excess of 30,000 printed volumes, films, records, DVDs, tapes, prints, magazines, internet access and a large collection of paintings by Archibald Willard. The library also offers special events for all ages. More information about the holdings of the library, including a calendar of events, can be found at the Herrick Memorial Library website.
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