THRIVE! Southern Lorain County
THRIVE! Southern Lorain County is a Community Collaborative made up of 18 partners - including nonprofits, municipalities, churches, and fitness centers - forming a community collaborative focused on improving the health of residents of southern Lorain County. THRIVE! partners are working together to increase access to affordable opportunities to live healthier through improved nutrition, increased physical activity and informed decision making.
The full service area of THRIVE! includes Brighton Township, Camden Township, Huntington Township, Kipton Village, Pittsfield Township, Rochester Township, Rochester Village, Wellington Township and Wellington Village.

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1. How to live and eat healthy
2. Where is the Lorain County Health Department
3. THRIVE! Southern Lorain County
4. NetWellness
5. Self Nutrition Data
6. Physcial Activity
7. Smoke Free Workplace
8. Promote Walking & Biking Strategies