Commercial and Other Industrial Sites

Developers have realized the advantages of annexation and have helped grow a commercial center in the northern portion of Wellington. Recent developments have included a restaurant, car dealership, a multi-tenant commercial complex and professional offices.

The area is also home to the new Lorain County Community College Wellington Education Center. There are a limited number of developed commercial lots, openings in the commercial complex, vacant commercial lots and more contiguous land that would make an ideal site to grow your business.

The southern portion of the Village also has commercially zoned lots and is seeing growth as well. The historical downtown is also a busy commercial center with just a few storefronts available.


There are a limited number of industrial sites ranging from two to a dozen acres that are available for redevelopment. These sites either have existing rail facilities or are located adjacent to rail services.

Contact the Village Administrator if you are interested in learning more about these sites.

A comprehensive range of incentives can be accessed through the village, the Wellington Community Improvement Corporation, the port authority, Lorain County and the State of Ohio to assist in financing and supporting your business’s development.

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