Building Your Business

Reasons to Build Your Business in Wellington
  • A high quality of life for you and your employees
  • A workforce with rural roots, they are reliable and know the value of hard work
  • Excellent transportation access, both highway and rail, half hour access to international airport 
  • Municipally owned utilities that are reliable and cost efficient
  • Vacant industrial and commercial land fully served by utilities and ready for you to build your business
  • Opportunities for workforce training through a community college educational center located in the village and a vocational school within a 10 minute drive
  • A community that knows how to help businesses grow and offers appropriate incentives to locate and expand

Wellington Industrial Park
View information on the Wellington Industrial Park and the part it plays in the Village of Wellington.
Wellington Industrial Park

Commercial and Other Industrial Sites
View information on commercial and other industrial sites available for development in the Village of Wellington.
Commercial and Other Industrial Sites