Historical Preservation - Steeple Restoration Project

A Treasured Part of Wellington's History and Architecture
Recently the spire on the steeple of the First United Methodist Church located on the Wellington green was removed because of structural concerns.  Severe winds from Hurricane Ike damaged the belfry last fall and it had become evident that the ten ton, 40 foot spire was not being adequately supported.

For nearly 150 years this steeple has been an important part of the architecture and history of Wellington.  Rising 138 feet, it has served as a landmark for area residents, adding to the pleasant nature of the public green and complimenting the architecture of the Town Hall.  The church is listed on the National Historical Register.

How You Can Help
The Village of Wellington values our historical landmarks and endeavors to support historical preservation of these irreplaceable assets.  This page was added to our website to assist in the preservation of this historical structure in the hope of raising awareness and financial resources needed to restore the steeple.

As one can imagine, restoration of this structure is expensive, costs could end up nearing $200,000.  Those costs are daunting to the congregation, and it is our hope that funds can be raised in the community and beyond to help repair the structure so that the steeple can be preserved and restored, with the spire once again gracing our village's skyline.

Persons who want to help with the project can provide donations by contacting any Fifth Third Bank location and asking about the First United Methodist Church steeple restoration fund or by contacting the church at (440) 647-3263.  The mailing address is 127 Park Place Wellington, Ohio 44090.  Lea Mahan is the Pastor and would be happy to discuss this project.

First Methodist Steeple
Steeple Being Removed