Sidewalk Replacement Program
The Village of Wellington has a sidewalk replacement program in place. If your sidewalk is in need of repair, the village will pay 100% of existing concrete removal, and will pay 50% of the labor and material. Fill out a replacement brochure, available at the Clerks Office, we will give you an estimate, have you sign the estimate and will replace your sidewalk as weather permits.

Curbside Brush Collection
The Public Works Dept. collects brush from the tree lawns on the first full week of the month and the third week, and the week before a holiday. Brush must be on the curb by 7:00 am Monday morning of collection week to insure pickup.

Curbside Leaf Collection
The Public Works Department collects leaves during the fall. Rake your leaves into the curb lawn, not into the street, as the leaves will plug our storm drains, and the crews will be around to collect all of the leaves as weather permits.

The crews will begin collecting as large amounts of leaves begin to accumulate on village curb lawns. We only pick up leaves in the fall; any spring accumulation should be placed into a compost bin.

Emergencies and Repairs
The Public Works Dept. maintains a “Man on Call” at all times. If an emergency arises after normal business hours, or on the weekend, please notify the Police Dept. at (440) 647-2244. The dispatcher will notify the “Man on Call”.