Parking Permit

Downtown Parking Permit

The Village of Wellington offers a Downtown Resident Parking Program for residents whose principal residence is located in the following areas commencing at the intersection of State Route 18 and 58:

• Herrick Ave. West to CSX Railroad Crossing

• Herrick Ave. East to Courland Street

• North Main Street to CSX Railroad Crossing

• South Main Street to Park Place

• All of Depot Street.

Up to two permits may be issued to individual residence on calendar year basis and shall apply only to operable, licensed passenger vehicles. Municipal lots available under this parking program include Depot Street Lot, Courtland Street Lot, Taylor Street Lot and North Main Street Lot.

For anyone requesting a downtown parking permit, here’s how the process works:

• Applicant completes a downtown parking permit application and required supplemental information and submits to the Office of the Finance Director at 115 Willard Memorial Square, 3rd floor.

• Finance Director reviews application and if all requirements are satisfied shall issue a parking permit hanger for rearview mirror.

Click here to complete the Parking Permit Form.