Zoning Board of Appeals

The ZBA consists of a five member board, all of whom are residents of the Village, appointed by the Mayor to a five-year term.

The purpose of the ZBA shall be to decide any issue involving the interpretation of the provisions contained in the zoning code, to grant variances from the strict letter of the code in instances of unnecessary hardship and to authorize conditional uses as provided in the code.

The meetings of the Planning Commission are held the third Wednesday of the month as needed.

Meetings typically start at 5:30 pm on the second floor of the Village Hall, in Council Chambers.

Minutes and Agendas are kept available in the Village Clerk's office.  Minutes are available one to three days after the meetings.


Zoning Board of Appeals Members serve with five year terms. 

  • Bob Dobush, Vice Chairman (440) 647-3908
  • Dan Cwalina, Chairman - (440) 960-6600
  • Terry Mazzone, Member - (440) 647-5412
  • Ted Hyde, ZBA Member - (440) 647-4589
  • Patti Young, ZBA Member - (440) 647-4937
  • Marla Lent, Secretary - (440) 647-4626