Retiring in Wellington

A growing number of senior citizens are considering and selecting Wellington as a great place to retire. One of the things that attracts retired and active seniors is a safe and friendly rural-oriented community that values the contributions and experience of seniors. Active seniors will find that the Village is a walking friendly community and that there are a variety of recreational opportunities.

With a downtown like you remember as a youngster and a variety of festivals within walking distance, you will find things to do and friends downtown. Traffic is also reasonable and there are polite drivers willing to let you slip into traffic. Within a short drive are more commercial, entertainment and recreational attractions.

What They Will Find
Retirees will find a wide variety of housing options in Wellington. There are apartments, cluster homes and single family housing ranging from century homes to new construction. Some developments have a few lots for sale if you have always wanted to build a house exactly the way you have wanted.

Support Services
With a strong mix of support services, such as meals on wheels and transportation, Wellington strives to assist retirees in staying independent and active. The Office on Aging also sponsors and facilitates health related events, fitness activities and social events to provide a high quality of life.