Zoning Permit

The purpose of a zoning permit is to ensure that new development and/or changes in use that occur in zoning districts of the Village are compatible with existing development and to protect the Village’s heritage and unique character. Zoning permits are required for any new construction, alteration, modification and/or addition to any existing building or land. Some examples of improvements include; but not limited to, building construction, building addition, opening a new business, swimming pool, shed, deck, patio, fence, driveway, sidewalks and many others.

For anyone requiring a Zoning Permit, here’s how the process works:

• Applicant completes a zoning permit application and submits it along with required drawings prepared in triplicate to the Zoning Administrator’s office.

• Zoning Administrator will review application and contact applicant with any questions, clarifications or requests for additional information.

• Once all pertinent information is received, Zoning Administrator will complete final review of application and render decision on permit approval (typically 2 to 7 working days). Permit may be picked up at Zoning Administrator’s office.

Zoning Permit Under Construction