Tree Lawn Permit

The purpose of Tree Lawn Permit is to ensure the proper planting, care and maintenance of street trees in the village’s tree lawn and to ensure that the placement of objects or structures in the street tree lawn will not interfere with traffic sight lines and/or create safety hazards for pedestrians or vehicular traffic. No person shall plant, spray, fertilize, preserve, prune, cut above ground or otherwise disturb any tree on any street tree lawn or other public place, or place any structure or object of any type on a street tree lawn or other public place without first filing an application and procuring permit for such work.

For anyone requiring a tree lawn permit, here’s how the process works:

• Applicant completes a tree lawn permit application and required supplemental information and submits to the Office of the Village Manager.

• The Village Manager shall review application and contact applicant with any questions, clarifications or requests for additional information.

• Once all pertinent information is received, the Village Manager will render decision on permit approval (typically within 2 to 7 working days). Permit may be picked up at Zoning Administrator’s Office.

Click Here Tree Lawn Permit Form