Design Review District

The Village of Wellington’s historic downtown district is rich in 19th and 20th century residential and commercial architecture that the reflects the history of the Village while providing an appealing environment for present day living. In order to preserve and protect the special character of the downtown district, the Village has established a Design Review District and adopted standards and guidelines for the rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction of historic buildings in this district.

The standards and guidelines of the Design Review District are administered by a five (5) member appointed Design Review Board (DRB) whose role is to review changes to the exterior appearance of historic buildings and provide technical advice and assistance with a goal of preservation and enhancement of historic buildings.

Anyone planning to rehabilitate, restore, reconstruct or demolish a building in the  Design Review District should contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator at 440-647-4626 to determine if the project meets the requirements of design review and complete and submit an application.  The application will be reviewed by the DRB within 10 days of submittal.   Below is a link to the Design Review District guidelines, application and map.

Design Review District Guidelines

Certificate of Appropriateness

Historic Downtown Wellington