Occupancy Permit

The purpose of an occupancy permit is to ensure that the proposed use of a building or land conforms to the Village’s zoning requirements prior to the occupancy of said building or land. No person shall use or occupy or permit the use or occupancy of any building or premises, or both, or part thereof hereafter created, erected, changed, converted or partially altered or enlarged in its use or structure until an occupancy permit is issued. Some examples requiring occupancy permits include; but not limited to, new construction, opening a new business, business changing ownership, new tenant or lessee of building.

For anyone requiring an Occupancy Permit, here’s how the process works:

• Applicant completes an occupancy permit application and submits it to the Zoning Administrator’s office.

• Zoning Administrator will review applicant and contact applicant with any questions, clarifications or requests for additional information.

• Zoning Inspector will visit building or premises to ensure all zoning requirements are met.

• Following inspection and review of information, Zoning Administrator will render decision of issuance of Certificate of Occupancy approval (2 to 7 working days). Certificate may be picked up at Zoning Administrator’s office.

Click Here for Occupancy Permit Form